Paul Hutchinson


Paul’s style of teaching is relaxed and entertaining, but underlying this is his belief that the accordion should be taken more seriously as a beautiful and versatile instrument. His playing is unique in that he uses a lot of sustained left hand notes, block chords, and drones or pedal notes and he also is master of harmony, frequently adding extra lines in the right hand. His playing is inspired by the sound of the church organ and he tries to avoid the old-fashioned limited use of the instrument (note-chords rhythmic “boom-chit” sound) at all costs. Paul’s sound has been mistaken for a violin, a church organ or a concertina, which he takes as a compliment not a criticism. He is an experienced teacher who loves teaching and enjoys developing the potential of a group or individual to deepen and improve their musicianship.

Paul is the accordion tutor for EFDSS at Cecil Sharp House, London (dates for the term appear in the diary section); at Halsway Manor; at the legendary Hands on Music weekends at Witney; and previously at Folkworks at Durham.

Paul is available for private tuition and welcomes enquiries from new pupils at all levels.

Paul Hutchinson

"Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful day of folk music.  Everybody enjoyed it and learned a lot from your approach to playing by immersing us thoroughly into the tune before going off into parts."

"I really love your own compositions, they are so tuneful and pleasing to play and not too difficult for amateur players."

"We shall play your pieces and get to know them better.  I especially liked your advice about creating one’s own arrangement by using notes from the chords which we did in 'O Son Do Ar' and 'The Goldfinch'."